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We will now be sending for try-ons for a flat rate of $30 + postage.


All garments that have been requested for trying on will come with a large tag attached. If this tag gets removed or if the garment looks worn (i.e. too many marks, smells like perfume, fake tan marks, or any other marks), then the full rental cost will be charged onto the customer.


You are required to send this garment back the NEXT working day after you have received it, in the prepaid return bag that was supplied. Otherwise, you will be charged with our usual late fee of $25 per day.


If you want to rent the dress you booked for trying on, for then the try-on fee will be included in your rental fee (FREE TRY-ON), and you’ll need to let us know via email: as soon as you can. So that you can be billed the difference in cost.


Please note, that we do NOT allow our garments to be taken OVERSEAS.

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