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Let's Play Dress Up

Hi, beautiful brides to be. I offer a free styling session at my shop 

223 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand 

Just text or email me for a booking. 



Please note it is appointment only as it is nicer to try on all the dress with your close friends rather than having people walk in and out. 

On the day:

- You can bring as many people as you like ( just let me know how many people you would like to bring) 

- Free 2 hour parking on the street

- Please wear no makeup ( or bring makeup wipes)

- Please bring nude underwear and wedding shoe ideas 

- Location: I am located next to Trek N Travel. It is a small green door with 223 at the top. I am up the stairs to the right. Just ring or text me and I will come down. 


I look forward to meeting you x 


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